Incline Walking vs Jogging – Which is Better?

Incline Walking VS Jogging

Because running takes more effort, it burns more calories than jogging or walking. But here we have to talk about incline walking vs jogging. According to a study both have the same benefits if both are done for the same time. But some differences are given below:

Walking on The Incline:

It is not the same as walking, because you have to struggle, which takes some effort on your body. As a result, your muscles get stronger such as your backside, thighs, glutes and calves. It helps improve your glutes mostly.

Alternatives to Incline Walking:

Well, if you don’t have any places with inclines nearby. There are some alternatives and one of the best ways is to use a treadmill which has incline features. It helps you do it at home and you can do as much you can. Make sure you keep your posture right on the treadmill which means you shouldn’t move your posture backwards, it has to be the same way as if you were incline walking outside.

Here is a video on how to use the treadmill for incline walking:


It is better than simply walking. But if you are new to it, you shouldn’t start jogging right away, because it may take some warm up before. In other words you should start slow for jogging and in several months your body will feel like running.

Here is the reason, if you start it quickly, you might give soreness to your muscles.

Here is video on how to Warm Up for Jogging:


If you do not have an area nearby for jogging, you can use the treadmill as it can be done in the small spaces. Another way is to do jogging in place, which is simple and doesn’t require you to move around.

So what are the Benefits of Jogging or Incline Walking?

There are many, here are some:

Keeps the heart fit: 

Studies show that those who run at a moderate pace on treadmill or stationary bikes can experience a substantial drop in heart rate.

Keeps you healthy & free from injury:

Research suggests that runners who run for 60 to 90 minutes weekly have a significantly lower risk of injury than those who do not.

Keeps you fit with less effort:

Weight-training and jogging each day will help you build up your stamina and add strength in your legs, back and hips.

Eating a healthy diet that includes lean protein, vegetables and lots of fiber will help you feel better and is recommended by many doctors, so your body will actually store the energy.

How to motivate yourself For Jogging?

These days it is common for almost everyone to do something for a shorter period and then leave it for the next day such as feeling lazy. So, the question is how to motivate yourself to jog? If you start looking, you may come up with several options. I would suggest using an app on your smartphone which should be reminding you for the same time to walk regularly. 

So Which is Better When Comparing Incline Walking vs Jogging?

Both are beneficial in different ways. It depends on what you feel better doing, if you have areas nearby for incline walking then you can do that, otherwise jogging is good. Other than that, it depends on your what you like most.

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